Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

Me? Who? Why?

Holiday... wud be the most exciting day... indeed, it can be the most boring day to get thru..
Same with me.. afta cuti- cuti malaysia at pantai timur.. im becoming a loner again.. so boring.. mom n dad goin out workin... me spendig tyme with my maid.. thanks to mak tim.. at least.. i've someone to chat with.
layin' on my bed.. chattin... facebooking.. u tubing.. thn fell asleep again.. aiyyooo.. so lazy..
then, i will reach anything i cud.. n start reading.. if the material wont be able to attach me to it.. i'll juz throw it away...
Ya, i'll watch tv n maybe play the PSII.. but same channels.. same programs.. same games..
so.. bored again...
walkin back to my room.. sittin on my bed.. controlling the air cond temperature... 16 to 25.. 25 to 16 again... then fix it to 21...
Gosh! what am I doin??? Wastin my tyme?
me.. keep quiet... not even a sound came out from my mouth...
n juz keep thinkin..
why i owez strollin around the hospital?
stayin at the bus stop until 2 am?
really2 want to face the ghosts?
watch all the thrillers?

i knew it..
for eventually i found it...
me... is a logic based person..
findin solution juz thru the logic thoughts..
not via the experiences..
n... me is still searching for some experiences..
that can sail me up..
to the peak of maturity...

I realized one thing...
life isnt as easy as we thought..
There are many things that we havent known..
and gain the knowledge of life thru experiences..
some of it are logic.. n some of it might be illogical..
but the truth are always behind all of it..
once u got it..
the experiences may lead u to the maturity...
n its priceless..
From where an we get the maturity?
If there's no environment for us to catch it
from where can we get the logic thoughts?
If there's no brain.. no mind to let us think
frm where can we taste the experiences?
If there's no WE to experience it..
Who lead to ALL THIS?

Know The Almighty..
The Creator...
The God of u..
and u'll be calm n peace...
because... u know... the truth of the real life..

Thank u.. ya Allah..